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Plymouth UK

Bounty Hunter

The Rock Duo


 Stevie B

Lead Vocalist:

Stevie B found himself in the school choir singing his little heart out which launched him on his journey to rock n roll heaven. Stevie B achieved major recognition in the South West fronting 'Leather & Lace' & 'Warlock' who released a 10 track CD & coming third in the Battle of the Bands at the Plymouth Pavilions.

Stevie P


Stevie P started out as a singer in Exeter circa 1973 with a band called 'Pigmantrike' cos his guitar playing wasn't good enough! When he had it sussed they went on to form a band called 'Wasp' who went on to become the South West's leading original rock band during the mid seventies.


The two Stevie's paths crossed in 2005 (after playing separately with various bands in Devon), and where both achieved success in the BBC Radio 2 'Sold on Song' songwriting series.

Stevie P then joined 'Southbound' where Stevie B was the singer. They later left to form 'BOUNTY HUNTER' where they have been playing all over Devon & Cornwall for the last 10 years, always attracting a huge following and rave reviews wherever they play. The boys are also members of up-and-coming local 5-piece harmony rock band LEGION.

With a combined playing experience of over 80(!) years between them, they must be doing something right - keep on rockin' boys...............